BuildCreek Network Rules

                 It is the player’s responsibility that they read and understand our rules.

Global Rules

These rules apply to all servers.

1. We are a child-friendly network, foul language will result in a mute
2. Do not harass players in any way or beg for money/items/ranks.
3. Do not spam, this includes character spam.
4. Use common sense!
5. No glitching/hacking/exploiting (x-ray texture packs as well)
6. No form of advertisement (servers, YouTube, etc.)
7. 5zig and OptiFine are the only mods allowed
8. No abusive redstone/hopper systems! You do not need 150 hoppers linked to 150 Chests.
9. Account Sharing is allowed, however, if the account breaks a rule the account will always be punished. We don’t accept “My Brother, my friend, my dog” did it. We punish the account, no exceptions.
10. No bypassing any mutes/bans with alternative accounts.
11. No real money should be involved in trades, if you get scammed all we can do is ban the scammer, you’ll lose the money.
12. No pushing players and or rodding into PVP areas.
13. Do not attempt to crash the server, if the owners deem you crashed it intentionally, you will get a permanent ban.


  1.    No scamming (have evidence; record the deal)
  2.   Griefing is never tolerated; even if the build was not claimed.
  3.   No TP trapping/killing


  1. No griefing! This is the most strict rule in this server!

Note: As we cannot list every rule here, staff have final say over your punishments; They can decide if it is somehow against our rules. Owners have absolute final say, staff cannot override the owner’s decision.

These rules can be changed at any point without warning, it is your responsibility to make sure you stay up to date with all new additions and iterations, we will not accept “I wasn’t aware of rule X” as an acceptable appeal. If you have access to /Nick, please read THIS.

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